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FREMO annual meeting Rheine 12.04.-15.04.2007

Allgemein Anmeldung Übernachtung Verpflegung Ablauf Praxisseminare Arrangements & Betrieb Einladung zur Mitgliederversammlung 2007
general registration accommodation catering schedule practical excercises module layouts & operation invitation to members congregation 2007
Allgemeen Aanmelding Overnachting Eten en drinken Programma Praxisseminare Arrangements & Dienstregeling Einladung zur Mitgliederversammlung 2007


The facility manager has agreed to supply those, who sleep in the school with breakfast. Drinks and snacks will also be offered by him. Restaurants are available within walking distance as well as snack bars (fish&chips, Döner, chinese) and super stores. On-site we will put a citymap with corresponding markings on display.

At lunch time only a short break for a snack is scheduled. For the evening it is planned to have a 2-hour break for dinner in the nearbay youth hostel, alternatively to eat in a restaurant. With the youth hostel we created the following menu. The registration for common catering is now finished.


Thursday dinner:
goulash soup with bun 3,30 EUR

Friday breakfast
2 buns, jam, cold meat, cheese, coffee 3,00 EUR

Friday lunch:
turkey goulash with rice, peas and carrots, dessert, 1 drink 5,00 EUR

Friday dinner:
barbecue (at school)
BBQ'd sausage, steak, salad *,** EUR

Saturday breakfast
2 buns, jam, cold meat, cheese, coffee 3,00 EUR

Saturady lunch:
lentil stew (Linseneintopf) 3,30 EUR

Saturday dinner:
Spaghetti Bolognese, salat dish, dessert, 1 drink 5,00 EUR

Sunday breakfast
2 buns, jam, cold meat, cheese, coffee 3,00 EUR

Sunday lunch
chicken with rice, salad, dessert, 1 drink 5,00 EUR

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