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FREMO annual meeting Rheine 12.04.-15.04.2007

Allgemein Anmeldung Übernachtung Verpflegung Ablauf Praxisseminare Arrangements & Betrieb Einladung zur Mitgliederversammlung 2007
general registration accommodation catering schedule practical excercises module layouts & operation invitation to members congregation 2007
Allgemeen Aanmelding Overnachting Eten en drinken Programma Praxisseminare Arrangements & Dienstregeling Einladung zur Mitgliederversammlung 2007

general, schedule

For the second time we are guests helding up a meeting in the north of the 'Münsterland'. Rheine should be well known among railway enthusiasts as having been the home of the last DB steam locomotives until 1977 and also as a former great railway junction. Our Meeting takes place in the Kopernikus-Gymnasium (Kopernikus grammar school). Actually we have designated to use 'Aula' (auditorium), break hall and several other rooms. On strong participation extension of provided space can be thought of.

The main emphasis of the annual meeting 2007 lays in proceeding a convention. Numerous practical excercises, Workshops and presentations are scheduled. Responsible for coordination is Thomas Woditsch. Everybody who wants to add something actively is always welcome and refers to him. Suitable rooms, beamers or projectors may be used. When interested railway related excursions will also be offered.

The direction of this event is located at the board.


Kopernikus-Gymnasium (Kopernikus grammar school)
Kopernikusstraße 61
48429 Rheine

by car:
Rheine is located close to the Motorway junction 'Schüttorf', where the A30 and the A31 meet. From the A30 to the Kopernikus-Gymnasium it is a way of approx. 5 km, leading through an industrial area and the suburban area.

From westbound direction stay on the A30 until junction 'Rheine-Nord'. At the traffic light crossing close the junction go straight ahead. After approx. 1 km at the OPEL dealership turn left into the northern industrial area ('Industriegebiet Nord') and go on passing the KARMANN plant. The street forms a long-drawn-out right curve. To your left you see a cart race track and several sport fields. Two other trafficlights will follow and the railway crossing of the 'Tecklenburger Nordbahn'. After another Junction with traffic lights (ARAL fuel station, ALDI store) a roundabout follows. At this roundabout still go straight on and at the next traffic lights turn right into the 'Schützenstraße'. At the end of the 'Schützenstraße' the school is located.

From eastbound direction follow the A30 until Motorway junction 'Rheine'. Leave the Motorway and turn right towards Rheine. At the second traffic lights turn left. The railway crossing of the 'Tecklenburger Nordbahn' follows. After another trafic light crossing (ARAL fuel station, ALDI store) a roundabout follows. At this roundabout still go straight on and at the next traffic lights turn right into the 'Schützenstraße'. At the end of the 'Schützenstraße' the school is located.

From the eastern Ruhr area ('Ruhrgebiet') or the 'Münsterland' it is recommended to arrive using the A1 up to Motorway junction 'Greven' and then follow the B481 towards Rheine. Stay on the B481 until Mesum, turn right into the road connecting to the B475 towards Elte. Here the road crosses the river Ems. In Elte at the end of the road turn left onto the B475 to Rheine. Continue through Rheine-Gellendorf towards Rheine.
Shortly after you have seen the PLUS supermarket on the left there is a diversion sign of big roadworks. Follow the signposted diversion and turn right into the Surenburgstraße (signposted: Stadtpark, Jahnstadion, etc.). After approx. 300 m turn left at Hemelter Mühle, Chinetech cinema into the Kopernikusstraße (also signposted: Stadtpark, Jahnstadion, etc.).

access plan school

The different scales are allocated over the whole building. For setup and dismantling the layouts we will open numerous outer doors. Please refer to the responsible scale coordinator for most convienient access. Access during the meeting is only available via the school ground.

In the surrounding enough parking space is available at the open air bath in the 'Kopernikusstraße'. Trailers and caravans may be dropped on the school ground. Parking space on the school ground shoukld primarily be used by those partipiciants who provide modules and/or other material as well as for
trailers and caravans.
One-day-visitors please park your car on the car park at the open air bath and at the Kopernikusstraße. Please keep free the car park at the sports
hall and also the emergency access ways!



by train:
Rheine is located at the train lines (KBS) 375 (Löhne-Bentheim) and 395 (Münster-Emden) and is the junction of two InterCity (IC) lines, which operate two-hourly. From the busstation which is close to the train station a half-hourly bus service (leaves at 15 mins. to and 15 mins. past the hour) operates as line C5 to 'Eschendorf'. The bus station 'Jahnstadion' is directly at the school. Note: on weekends and bank holidays the bus service is reduced.

Because of the roadworks the bus line C5 actually on some daytimes is not punctual: Delays upto 15 minutes are possible. Please consider when planning your trip. If necessary you may ask Armin Mühl for assistance.


After registration it is possible to stay overnight in the scholl's hall. Hygenic facilities (showers) are available. Caravans and camper vans can be parked on the schoolground after registration. Electric power supply is available. Directly opposite is the youth hostel. Four- and six-bed-rooms are available. We appeal for a group booking with reduced prices (15,90 EUR p/n incl. breakfast). Therefor it is necessary that the registrations will be proceeded via the FREMO. A youth hostelling card (YHA card) is not required because we can use a group card. Last date of registration was 10.01.2007. Please request accommodation in the school, the youth hostel and caravan at Fred Albrecht Zanter. For more information see seperate page.

hotels, holiday homes

Who wants to stay overnight in a hotel or holiday home has sufficient choice in Rheine. A list with informations to the school is available. Breakfast ist available by the facility manager.

hotels in Rheine

holiday homes in Rheine

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